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Too old to be owning a blog. Some literature inspire me and here's to my recently revived joy of animals. Graduate school keeps time off my hands. With that writing job and classroom work, this is a double effort. Contents in this site may include anything in random moments and retweets and reposts as default. ;)



DAVID: I’m glad we didn’t make the mistake of falling in love with each other. I sometimes wonder if ours isn’t perhaps the best basis of all for marriage.

JOAN: Perhaps it is.

DAVID: It’s worked very well with us, hasn’t it?

JOAN: It might have worked even better if we’d been in love with each other, like you and Helen.

DAVID: That’s a different thing altogether. I don’t even know if I like Helen as a person - in the way I like you. I only know I love her, and that’s something you can’t explain.

JOAN: You didn’t want to fall in love with Helen, did you?

DAVID: I tried hard enough not to.

JOAN: It’s hell that, isn’t it - tring to stop yourself falling in love?

DAVID: It can’t be done, I’m afraid.

JOAN: If it could, life would be a lot easier. I’m going to have another drink. What about you?

DAVID: No, thanks.

JOAN: Of course, I was forgetting. You know, David, I could have helped you to give up drinking if only I’d known you really wanted to.

DAVID: I didn’t want to. I’d have died of cirrhosis if I’d gone on, that’s all.

JOAN: Oh, you didn’t tell me that.

DAVID: It was all rather boring. There wasn’t any need to bother you with it all.

JOAN: I’m afraid I haven’t been a very good wife.

DAVID: (smiling) You’ve been a marvellous wife.

JOAN: You see, I’ve made a silly mistake about you. I thought you really were bored with people like - like Helen, and with the idea of not drinking, and leading a serious life and all that. If only I’d known I might have been able to help you perhaps a little bit more with your work and - and things. Like Helen is doing now. Only, of course, I could never have done it as well.

DAVID: I suppose I was ashamed to show you that side of myself. Anyway, I wouldn’t have bored you with all that.

JOAN: It’s silly, isn’t it? I wouldn’t have been bored at all.

:( :( :(

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